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Isle of Wight Mushrooms is an exotic mushroom grower set up in the Arreton Valley, Isle of Wight producing Grow-Your-Own kits of Oyster and Exotic/Medicinal mushrooms. Your kit arrives fully colonised and ready to produce your own fresh crop of tasty, healthy mushrooms. There is no extra equipment required; you just slit the bag of growing substrate, position in the perfect spot and keep it humid with the misting bottle provided.

Now available:

Concentrated Mushroom Dual Extract Tinctures made from Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms. These are concentrated extracts of medicinal mushrooms containing more of the beneficial compounds than can be obtained simply by eating the mushrooms.

They are packed in 50ml dropper bottles which allow you to take a few droppers each day in your food or beverage, or on your tongue. They are made on site to a very high standard using only mushroom fruiting bodies, grown by us, and extracted using locally produced alcohol then freshly distilled water, hence a dual extraction. This gives you optimum purity and provenance so you can be sure that the products contains only what your body requires and no extra ingredients. We use only natural methods, environmentally friendly packaging and no chemical inputs of any kind.