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Fresh Gourmet

Oyster & Exotic 


Isle of Wight Mushrooms has undergone a slight metamorphosis in 2019 and has moved into a new (to us) and larger premises at a former dairy in Arreton.

We are growing the same richly flavoured varieties of gourmet oyster mushrooms plus more new exotic varieties.

Oyster Mushrooms available:

Pink, Yellow. While Elm, Phoenix and Grey.


Exotic Mushrooms available:

Lion's Mane, Golden Enoki (more to follow...)

Our mushrooms are grown mainly indoors and so are available year-round with only slight fluctuations depending on the ambient temperature at the time of year.

We currently supply across the Isle of Wight and to a regular Farmers’ Market in London.

Our mushrooms are served by a wide range of pubs, restaurants and fine dining establishments on the Isle of Wight and are also available in a growing number of local retailers.

mixed mushrooms on table