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Grey Oyster

Grey Oysters are thick, meaty and delicious.

Pick them,trim them and fry them- great in a curry, with scrambled eggs or just on toast.

They are a fantastic meat substitute when used instead of mince in chilli, bolognese or tacos..


We grow various strains all year round to match the seasons

Yellow Oyster

Yellow Oysters are vibrant with a delicate texture and a flavour that starts off tart (like a dry wine)

and evolves into a nutty-ness with more cooking.

They keep well, up to a week in the fridge.

Pick them, trim them and fry them – great in an omelette, risotto or just on toast.

These mushrooms grow best in warmer weather around 20C

Pink Oyster


Pink Oysters are brightly coloured, with a slight hint of seafood that turns to a nutty meaty flavour with more cooking.

Pick them, trim them and fry them- they are great on toast or with any sort of fish and they turn a lovely russet colour in the pan.

Pink Oysters need minimum 18°C to grow  – but we now grow them all year round

White Elm

As succulent as the Grey Oyster but with a slightly crisper texture and buttery flavour


A richly flavoured and meaty mushroom that fries like a steak.

Its thin outer edges go perfectly crispy in the pan and high heat releases their umami.

As seen on Supermarket Secrets

Lion's Mane

A mushroom with a unique fruiting body mimicking the mane of a lion. Their taste is soft, delicate and

almost fruity with the texture of crab meat; a great seafood vegetarian substitute.

Widely regarded for mind and body health benefits.




Golden Enoki

A thin stemmed mushroom that grows tightly packed together, originally grown in Eastern Asia.

Their taste is mild, fruity and peppery. Known for anti-inflammatory properties and a good boost to the immune system.










Hen of the Woods - Maitake

Maitake, meaning 'Dancing Mushroom' in Japanese. 

A mushroom that grows in clusters with multiple, overlapping caps that turn from dark grey to a light chestnut brown.

Rich, sometimes sweet, and smokey in taste.

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