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Dual Extract Tinctures

Concentrated extracts of medicinal mushrooms containing more of the beneficial compounds than can be obtained simply by eating the mushrooms.

They are packed in 50ml dropper bottles which allow you to take a few droppers each day in your food or beverage, or on your tongue.

They are made on-site to a very high standard using only mushroom fruiting bodies, grown by us, and extracted using locally produced alcohol then freshly distilled water, hence a dual extraction.

This gives you optimum purity and provenance so you can be sure that the products contain only what your body requires and no extra ingredients.


We use only natural methods, environmentally friendly packaging, and no chemical inputs of any kind!


Now available

Concentrated Mushroom Dual Extract Tinctures made from Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi & Turkey Tail mushrooms

Mushroom Grow Kits

Our Grow Kits are a fun and easy way to get your own fresh crop of delicious oyster mushrooms to eat or medicinal mushrooms to support good health.

They are educational too, for children and adults alike, to watch and see how the mycelium performs its magic.

We use the best possible substrate recipe, mixed on-site, to ensure your kit has the strongest start. The kits come to you fully colonised and ready to fruit with the necessary equipment you need. All you have to do is place it in a good position, at a good temperature for the variety, somewhere indoors or outside and out of direct sunlight. Full growing instructions are included in each box. Humidity and the ability to breathe are the key factors as mushrooms respire like we do, taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.

You will get a strong first flush of the fruiting bodies but it doesn’t end there as the kits will continue to grow another smaller crop or two before the energy in the growing block is spent. You can then break it up and mix it into your flower beds or simply bury it whole in the garden (minus the plastic bag) to improve the soil and attract worms. The cardboard and paper packaging will provide clean energy for the mycelium which appears in white throughout the block. If you cover it with a few inches of soil, don’t be surprised to see some new fruit poking through over time.

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Grow Kits