Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Dual Extract Tincture is a best-quality, liquid version, concentrated mushroom supplement that can be taken each day to support your immune system and for general health. It is one of the most researched medicinal mushrooms, Thanks to its ability to promote immune function, fight disease and its use as an adjunct therapy for cancer treatment. Our Turkey Tail is grown from scratch and extracted on-site here at Isle of Wight Mushrooms and is a supplement that you can take each day by adding a few droppers each day to whatever food or drink you're having or you can simply take it off the spoon.


Our experience is that eating mushrooms generally improves health, however, we believe this can be improved by adding a supplement to your diet that is designed specifically to break down the cell walls and draw out the active compounds into a solution to be taken daily. Reports from people who have begun taking these supplements has already been surprising and encouraging.


Our products are made using only the best possible ingredients and that is why we produce all our Turkey Tail on-site. With us you get Dual Extract Tincture made using 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, grown by us, and extracted using locally produced alcohol then freshly distilled water, hence a dual extraction. This gives you a guarantee of quality and provenance which is unavailable in many imported products on the market. We use only natural methods, environmentally friendly packaging and no chemical inputs of any kind.


Vegan friendly 50ml bottle.


Ingredients: Trametes versicolor (fruiting body only) 5000mg, Pure grain alcohol, Distilled water


Recommended dosage: up to 4 droppers a day, or more as desired.

One full dropper =1ml; 1ml of liquid tincture =100mg Dried and Extracted Trametes versicolor


IMPORTANT: We are not making any medical claims but instead offering the best version of a tincture extract which is made by us, from our own produce, here on the Isle of Wight. We recommend you research the potential health benefits of Turkey Tail online and any possible contraindications. It is a good idea, as with any new supplement, to consult with your own medical practitioner if you are unsure about taking it, particularly if you are taking other medication or have an existing medical condition.

Turkey Tail Dual Extract Tincture