Dispatching after the 29th of November 

Our Turkey Tail kit produces a crop of this popular brown, black and white-striped medicinal mushroom which is recognized in Chinese Traditional Medicine.


Easy to grow and fun to watch.

Fully colonised block ready to fruit. Everything needed to grow is in the box.


Turkey Tail, or trametes versicolor, extracts are used to support a healthy immune sysytem as well as promote healthy cell growth and regeneration. The beta glucans and polysaccharides contained in the fruiting bodies are said to support drug therapies by boosting immune cell production and to be useful in particular with anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy for their anti-inflammatory properties.

This information is meant to encourage the consumer to further research the properties of Turkey Tail.

Here is our Dual Extract Tincture:



Turkey Tail Grow Kit

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Grow Your Own kits will store refrigerated & unopened (or in a cold, dark place) for up to 3 months.